February Schedule & Field Changes

Posted January 29th, 2013 by Ripskin

The February schedule has been posted, please follow that link to the forums to view the schedule.

I know the rest is a long post but please read it.

Unfortunately due to some disrespect to the field and its owner reposting of the schedule to any other site is no longer allowed. The field respect rules are going to be harshly enforced to deal with the recent issues of (or lack there of) respect to the field and its owner.

Remember this is a FREE day of airsoft provided on private land by the field owner. He lets us play with few limitations and enjoy the sport. Unfortunately so much trash left on the field with disregard for the land the owner the rules will be harsh and quick or we all lose a good place to play.

There are some trash bins on the field for certain items, do not leave trash on the field. How lazy are you that an empty water bottle is too much to lift to the trash bin by your car? If you yourself do not want to deal with your own trash what makes you think we want to deal with it? Clean up after yourself, we should all be adults or under their supervision so act like it. If you bring something to the field, it leaves with you.

This is not “Call of Duty” or a video game. This is a serious sport where you can be seriously injured by screwing around, keep it up earn yourself a one way ticket off the field. We like to have fun but safety must come first for the benefit of all and the sport.

Respect the property:
Try taking a shovel to your neighbors lawn digging it up randomly and see how happy are with the results. Maybe rip apart a few of their bushes or trees, what reaction do you think they would have? What reaction would you have if it was done to you? Why would abuse of anyone’s property be tolerated? Dont do it. Respect the property.

People work hard to afford the weapons they bring to the field. Stealing of any kind has a zero tolerance policy. Admins and the field owner will have final call, stay calm bring your evidence to the table and it will be dealt with. Fighting or overreacting will not be tolerated, again we should all be adults or under their supervision. Worried about loosing something? Keep it locked up. It is unfortunate but there are some bad apples. The majority of players have honor and respect but a few bad apples can ruin it for everyone.

parking lot:
This is not the place to test your weapon with ammunition. Take it to the top of the field into the “GOGGLE REQUIRED ZONE” and test fire it towards the empty field. Ricochets occur and while it is a small BB it can leave dents, knock out a tooth or damage an eye.

Park and drive respectively of the field, other players and keep safety in mind. The parking and staging area can be busy in the lead up to game time, lunch time and end of day. Keep your speed down as people will be walking around, moving about or equipment may fall. You do not want to damage your property, another players property or damage the field by being an idiot. Stupid behavior risking lives and safety is never funny. Take it to your own private land or a racing track where it belongs.

It may seem like a downer but in reality this is all common sense stuff, if you don’t get it you will be asked to get out. Simple as that. If you want to keep enjoying airsoft at this field with the good and large community we have then act like it!

Thank you!