Terms of Use & COPPA

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Statement:

If you are under the age of 13 years, you MUST have your parents or legal guardians permission to use this website and the subsequent pages. Including but not limited to; All forum pages, photo  galleries, blog posts and links from this website.

We respect the privacy of children, and do not collect any more personal information than reasonably necessary to enable them to participate in the activities we offer at our website.

Terms of Use:

By using this website and subsequent pages including but not limited to; Blog, Forums and photo Gallery you agree to the following terms and conditions:

A.) You agree to not take part in, post, link, sell, suggest or promote any illegal activities.

B.) Posting of any pornographic material is strictly forbidden and will result in repercussions! Should any somehow make onto any portion of the Forums, Photo Gallery or this website please alert the webmaster or administrator immediately.

B.i.) Posting of any pornographic material depicting children will result in prosecution for all parties involved.

C.) This website and its subsequent pages including but not limited to;  Forums, Photo Gallery and the Blog are monitored and moderated.  Content can be revised, changed and removed without warning or recourse.

C.i.) Use of the forums is available to all that meet the following requirements:

  • If you are under 13 years of age submit a COPA Statement to the administrators for approval.
  • An Account is required to post to the website, a few of the pages are available to the guest account just to view information such as field game times.
  • You will conduct yourself in an adult manor.   This is a family site and the forums are open to all.  Understand that there might be some adult language.  If this bothers you there are word censors available for everyone to use.  Please contact the administrator for any assistance with setting it up.
  • Keep in mind that the forums are free for anyone who meets this criteria to enjoy, as a result posts and users ideas do not reflect those of Mike Green or The Army Store INC and are the sole responsibility of the poster.

C.ii.) Selling items on the forums is allowed, however familiarize yourself with the laws regarding sale of firearms and adhere to all rules and regulations.

  • All sales of any kind involving firearms must follow these rules and clearly state them in the introduction to the thread for everyone to review and ensure all legalities are met.
  • While airsoft guns are not real, they are modeled as replicas, and as such can be mistaken for a real weapon as well as some of their accessories (mock suppressors etc) so you must state that the parts are not real and for airsoft guns.
  • Sale of equipment that is not destined for a gun or that could be mistaken for a real weapon does not require disclaimers and the part information to be so specific.
  • IE: Camouflage pouches for a vest, hats, BB’s, scopes etc…

D.) Do not slander or directly cause libel problems through the use of this site and subsequent pages including but not limited to; Blog, Forums and Photo Gallery.

  • Within the forums many users know each other and might banter back and forth as friends.  Understand this, but feel free to report any post that you feel is over the top or does not follow these terms of use.
  • Forums are moderated and reviewed.  The private team sections of the forums allow for a little more personal banter between players.
  • This site is for the community and we want to keep all feeling welcome.
  • Do not misrepresent yourself on any portion of this website, repercussions will follow if this occurs and prosecution where necessary.
  • Any questions about any form of representation do not hesitate to get in touch with an administrator.

E.) Do not post any unapproved content to this site or is subsequent pages including but not limited to; Blog, Forums and Photo Gallery.   Remember what this site is about and for when making posts or uploading pictures.

E.i.) Do not misrepresent yourself as a member of staff for The Army Store INC. in order to gain products for review or for any other reason.   If you receive a product or would like to review a purchase product feel free to do so, but you must stated how you acquired the product for review.

F.) This website and subsequent pages including but not limited to; Blog, Forums and Photo Gallery do not guarantee any service, regular maintenance, unforeseen problems or updates might taken one or all down at any given time.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and will return service as soon as possible.

This is a family oriented website geared towards the airsoft community of North Texas.  People of all ages will be visiting this website from all walks of life, ethnicity’s, backgrounds and religious beliefs.  Please keep that in mind when browsing, posting, uploading or viewing pictures.  People have different views, beliefs and ways of looking at things.  Most people are not expressly trying to step on anyone’s toes, directly insult or cause problems.  Keep this in mind before becoming offended at an innocent comment or picture intended one way but interpreted another.  If something does not meet the terms listed on this page than please report it to an administrator.

H.) This site is dedicated to the Forney Airsoft Field; However we want to foster the growing Texas airsoft community. You may post links or information about other “operation’s” and fields, however it is solely up to those field owners and proprietors to ensure all local laws and regulations are followed and strictly adhered to. If you chose to attend these events or play at other fields ensure that you know the local laws and setup of the field to ensure you have a safe and fun time. The owner and proprietor of this website cannot be held liable if you are injured or encounter problems at another field or “operation” referenced on this website.