Field Location & Rules





The field is located at 15850 Valley View, Forney, Texas 75126

Every new player MUST have a signed waiver in order to play. You only need to fill this out once, but make sure that you do, otherwise you are trespassing.

Field Rules

• All players must have safety goggles, which must be worn at all times during play. Safety goggles should exceed impact ratings such as ANSI Z-87.1 and CSA Z94.3-92. Wire mesh masks and/or goggles fit this category. If you are under 18 years of age you MUST wear full face protection. This means a mask of some sort and NOT a balaclava or shemagh wrapped around your head.

• Please make sure that magazines are out of your replica and the chamber is clear in the area of the cars. We MUST keep that area safe at all times from accidents since most people will not have eye protection on. There have been no accidents in this area thus far and we intend to keep it that way. DO NOT shoot the round wooden posts, they will ricochet and either hit vehicles or worse yet people. There are ample places to sight in your scopes and adjust your hop up. This is not debatable.

Signed waivers must be provided by every new player to the field. If you are under 18 then a parent must fill the waiver form out for you. Also, provide a copy of their drivers license for validity. In an effort for privacy by all means block out the DL number. Please do not make the field owner turn you away because you did not bring the appropriate paperwork.

• Always aim for the most protected part of another player possible. Deliberate attempts to cause pain/injury will not be tolerated.

• Do not shoot another player more than required. Check if they are hit before continuing to shoot at them and stop shooting as soon as you know they are hit.

• You must acknowledge all direct hits by BBs while playing. If you are dishonest and do not call hits then you may be asked to leave. Make the person who shot you aware that you are hit by loudly announcing hit and raising your hand for a visible cue. This is the entire point of the game… If we do not call hits then why do we play a game that requires us to be honest about being hit? There is no prize money or trophy to be won so play hard and play fair. The only thing you will earn with your play is the respect of others around you. That is not exclusive to the people who “win” all the time, honest players are held in high regard. If you are ever unsure of whether you got hit ask someone close to you or better yet ere on the side of caution and call yourself hit. It is always better to be out for a little while than have someone think of you as a cheater. On the other side of that a player should realize that their replica shooting lightweight BBs in brush or across an open field may not be reaching their target and give the benefit of the doubt. Please get to know your replicas actual capabilities and fire at targets within those limits.

• If for some reason you find yourself being fired on from multiple angles and you continue to be hit for a few seconds after you call hit DO NOT get bent out of shape. There is a chance that the BBs that hit you were already on the way when you said hit. This has happened many times to many players and it is not worth getting mad about.

• Hits to your gun do NOT count. If your gun is the only thing that is hit during an exchange of fire then you are NOT eliminated.

• BBs do not know who your friends are and do not know who fired first. If you shoot a teammate then they are hit. Sorry, you should have checked your target… Better go get them a medic. If you and a combatant fire at nearly the same time and are both hit by BBs then you are both hit.

• Hits to ANY part of your body or gear are worthy of calling yourself down. You do NOT have to feel a BB hit you to be hit. Tactical vest are NOT armor and will NOT save you from a hit. Please learn to LISTEN for hits on your gear and call them as necessary. You can be shot in the feet, pouches, hats etc….. If it is attached to your body and is plinked by a BB then you are hit. This does not apply to your gun.

• Please do not blind fire… It is unsafe and. If you cannot see your targets, then you are blind firing, thus the name. Do not stick your gun over a log, through a door etc. You must be able to look down your sites to not be blind firing.

• Do not leave garbage behind in the assembly or game areas. Mike provides us a nice place to play for at no charge and his limited free time should not be used to pick up after us. Show a little respect to the owner of the field since he has to live with our garbage once we leave.

• Do not deliberately antagonize other players or do anything to upset them. It should also go without saying that fighting or any other physical altercation will NOT be allowed. If you as a player become enraged enough to the brink of violence then count to 10 have a smoke, take a deep breath or whatever it is to calm yourself down. If the incident is worth getting angry over then bring it to the attention of the field owner and it will be dealt with. Fighting will likely get you banned for life…….

• Medic rules will be discussed at the field as they can change from time to time or game to game.

• Mike Green’s Forney field follows TASO rules for FPS and engagement distance. These in a nut shell are as follow.

-AEGs: 400 FPS with a 20’ minimum engagement

-Support Weapons: (i.e. M249, M60 and RPK) 450 FPS with a 50’ minimum engagement. Sorry but an M16 with a box magazine is NOT a support weapon.

-Sniper Weapons: 550 FPS with a 100’ minimum engagement. This FPS is limited to semi auto ONLY guns and bolt action gas or spring powered rifles.

*There may be some leniency to these fps requirements… If your gun is in blatant violation then do not bother showing up. A blatant FPS violation will be considered well in the excess of listed FPS, the degree of which to be the discretion of the field owner. You will not be allowed to enter the playing field if the gun is found to be “illegal”.

•There is no bang rule at Forney. You may parley with another player if they are willing and come to an agreement. However if you do not have a pistol or other appropriate side arm do not expect mercy.

•Plastic knives are allowed and a viable means to a knife kill. Hand swipes or other motions do not constitute a knife kill. You ma fashion your own knife or sword but it must be safe for yourself and others. **DO NOT USE A METAL OR SHARP KNIFE**


• Never take your goggles off during game play. If you see someone with their goggles off in a “combat” area call a stop to the game until they get them back on. There is no need to lose an eye because your goggles fogged up. It is much better to not be able to see through a fogged lens than to not be able to see because you lost an eye. IT IS NOT WORTH IT, period.

• If someone is under the engagement distance (20, 50, 100’ respectively) than do not shoot them if you do not have a side arm. If you do not have a pistol that shoots less than 350 FPS then DO NOT shoot anyone within 20’. Consider the FPS in engagement distance and not the “real world” style of replica you are using. It is up to you, the user to know your equipments capabilities.

  • Moving forward, no alcohol is allowed before or during a game. Anyone caught comsuming or intoxicated will be asked to leave the field. If it happens a second time, you will be asked to not return to NTA/Forney events.If you choose to consume alcohol after a game (end of the day/night) you are expected to clean up after yourself and remove your own trash. Again, you will get 1 warning. After that dont come back.