February 2012 Schedule

Posted January 31st, 2012 by Ripskin

The schedule for February has been posted:

  • Night Game February 4th starting at 7pm
  • Day Game  February 12th starting at 11am
  • Day Game February 26th starting at 11am
  • Field Work Day February 18th starting at 9am

Just because the weather is cooling down does not lessen the important of proper hydration and a good meal the night before you play. Keep your energy up, be safe and see you on the field!

Remember its GAME ON at 11am so come early and get ready!

Pulling a post in from the forums which bears repeating:


“To anyone who plays at Forney, PLEASE READ.

We are going to post all rules (ROE) here with games for each month. As most of you know we had 112 players at Forney last Sun. (01/29/12) and it is hard to get everyone in order and to be present for rule briefing.

Many players don’t even respond and if this continues we will have to do a one on one for those who run late or can’t seem to listen.

So the ROE will be posted it’s about time the player assumes some responsability of their own. If you have played at for more than once you know the rules and if you don’t know the rules well why are you there it’s not a back yard game. (NO DEAD RAGS NO PLAY PERIOD )

And we still are having the whole uniform problem green top tan bottoms IS A NO GO AT ANY Forney GAME. Wear mathing colors I would rather see black on black.

The Army Store sells used BDU’s green or tan and also sells NEW camo any color you want lets try and get this in order.

Will get rules up in the next day or so.”

The rules are posted here and on the forums, PLEASE ensure that you arrive to the field in time to make it too the Rule briefings.  We would like to start gathering at 11am and start playing between 11-11:30.   We have plenty of players who arrive later (understandably) but they miss the rule briefings.